The Columbus Running Company is mobile! We are offering same day & next day doorstep delivery to your house our office. The cost is free. Customer service has always been our first priority. This is how our delivery service is going to benefit you.

  • Access to more shoes. Styles, sizes and colors! Having four stores allows us to diversify inventory. If one of our locations only has the red color Brooks Ravenna and you want the white - chances are we have it in stock! Those white shoes will arrive to your doorstep with no extra charge or hassle for you. We can also have your product shipped to another store in case you wanted to try it on for that perfect fit assurance.
  • Assurance. In the rare event that we need to order in a product to satisfy your fitting needs, we'll have it delivered to you free of charge. You'll be assured of customer service second to none, with one-stop shopping at your local running store. We recently were crowned the best running store in America for a reason!
  • Less Hassle. We always suggest you visit our stores for a proper fitting and advice. However time can be tight. If you already know exactly what you want, simply give us a call and we'll get it delivered.

Here is how our service works:

  • Our delivery service runs Monday through Friday.
  • Same day delivery service is assured for those visiting or calling our stores between 10am-2pm.
  • Next day delivery is assured for those visiting or calling after 2pm.
  • There is no delivery charge for receipts over $75. Receipts lower than $75 will include a $6 delivery fee.
  • We deliver to the following zip-codes in these counties: Franklin: All; Delaware: 43065, 43021, 43035, 43082; Licking: 43062, 43068, 43054, 43031; Madison: 43119, 43064; Union: 43064, 43040; Fairfield: 43147, 43110, 43112.  All other zip codes and counties will not be delivered by the CRC but rather the USPS and thus not assured same day or next day delivery.