CRC Signature Series

As runners, we crave the next great event, but we also love the tradition of taking part in our favorite races year after year.  The CRC Signature Series is a combination of old classics and new favorites, all hosted & timed by the crew from CRC Event Management.  
Freeze your face off at the Fantastic Frigid 5k and then melt your shoes at the Blazin' 5, cause these races stretch across all seasons.  Check 'em all out and then come race with us: 
January: Fantastic Frigid 5k Two-Race Series.  Start your year off by freezing your rear off.  The Fantastic Frigid 5ks are the most fundra experience you can have every winter.  What's fundra?  Fun in the tundra!  You'll have to run hard just to keep warm, but it's worth it for this awesome winter series. 
April: Choo Choo 9 Miler & 5k.  The Choo Choo 9 Miler is run each spring in honor of the Bessie Express, a legendary steam train that fell to ruin just 9 miles short of the depot in Westerville.  Full confession?  We made that story up, but we needed a great reason to race 9 miles every spring.  Honor the Bessie Express with us each spring at the Choo Choo. 
June: AEP Ohio Columbus 10k.  The oldest continuously run road race in town, the Columbus 10k is a classic.  For us, it just isn't summertime until the Columbus 10k gets rolling through town.  Enjoy the big downtown course and all the heritage of the grand-daddy of all local races. 
July: Mile Dash.  One mile.  Let's see where you stop the clock.  The Mile Dash is held to celebrate the CRC's anniversary each summer, and we hold separate heats for adults, children, and local elites.  When we held the first Mile Dash, the idea was that it was a 1 mile for the 1 year anniversary.  We thought we'd go 2 the next year, then 3, then 4...  Good thing we nixed that plan cause the ultra marathon years aren't that far off! 
August: Blazin' 5 Miler.  The yin to the Frigid 5k's yang, the Blazin' 5 is all about burning up the miles.  End your summer on a hot note with us.  Man has already walked on the moon, but you can run across the surface of the sun at the Blazin' 5.  (Disclaimer: It was around 40-50 degrees and perfect for running at the inaugural Blazin' 5, so we make no promises about that "surface of the sun" heat.  What can we say?  Ohio summers are weird.)
September: Big Bad Wolfe 20 Miler, 10 Miler, and 5k.  Now, before you point out the typo in the Wolfe's name, you should know that we run through Wolfe Park.  See what we did there?  Whether you're getting ready for a fall half or full marathon, the Big Bad Wolfe is the perfect tuneup.  Just don't look back and never let up, you never know when that big bad wolf will pounce.  

Loving the CRC Signature Series but still looking for something more from your running?  Check out CRC Advanced Training, a training program that comes with a lot of perks - including discounts to the series races.