Advanced Training: Taking Your Running to the Next Level

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CRC Advanced Training is a program for the runner in pursuit of their personal best.  Advanced Training isn't a time, distance, or pace - it's a mindset of personal improvement and reaching goals.  If you're ready to commit to the mileage and the speed workouts, CRC is here to guide you through your training and racing.  

Participants in CRC A.T. receive:

  • Training plans for 5k, 10k, the half marathon, and the marathon
  • Discounts into local races (up to $50 in race savings)
  • A lightweight, sublimated racing singlet
  • Coaching emails regarding training & racing from top area runners
  • Access to group long runs & speed workouts
  • Instant networking with other area runners with like minded goals (find others training for your races and your paces) 
  • Race scoring against others in the program (a chance for some friendly team competition between CRC AT locations) 

Registration is $40 for the 2020 season, and you can join at any time.

Train hard.  Train smart.  Race fast.  Join us for the season, and let's chase those PRs together.